Fundraising Ideas 150 Easy Campaigns for Any Cause

Like the term suggests, crowdfunding refers to sourcing funding from the crowd. Crowdfunding sees many individuals giving small donations each — $5, $10, $50, $100, or more, for a specific cause or project. A prom dress drive is the perfect high school fundraising idea to raise money for your school and your students. The most profitable fundraising ideas require little to no upfront investment and minimal fees while bringing in a significant ROI.
Partner with a bar or restaurant to secure tables for two and appetizers for your speed dating night. Charge a small entrance fee for participants and an admission fee for audience members. You can also sell concessions and ask audience members to pick their favorite act by voting with their dollars.
In the same way, fire chaplains provide a service to fire departments through the worst of times. And much like the fire service – fire chaplains are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. A cheap and popular event for all sorts of causes and groups is a pancake breakfast fundraiser. Having a lawn or rummage sale is a relatively easy method to raise some of the funds you require for the successful operation of your day-to-day activities.
Plus, be sure to encourage the use of social media and other digital sharing tools to get the word out far and wide. If you need to raise money for an upcoming event or cause, try hosting a rock-a-thon fundraiser with your friends and family members! All you’ll need are a few rocking chairs and some willing participants. When you pull off a successful house party fundraiser, you’ll raise money for your cause while also providing your supporters with a fun night to remember.
Be sure to update your fundraising thermometer constantly throughout your fundraiser. When your group members see that you’re achieving your goals, the more they’re likely to contribute. Set a goal to update your progress daily, or every few days depending on the length of your campaign. Tickets to popular entertainment events are often hard to come by, so these kinds of silent auction items tend to bring in a lot of revenue.
Pick a time and place for the sale, then encourage church members to donate their old books to sell. Your youth might even find next year’s summer reading requirement at this unique church fundraiser. Your youth group is bound to love the chance to pretend they’re the next Beyoncé or Justin. This youth group fundraising idea is sure to leave people both singing and laughing. Once you’ve decided what you’re doing, start selling tickets for anywhere between about $10 and $50, depending on what you have planned. If your church members are looking to have a little bit of family-friendly fun after church on Sunday, you can host an afternoon game of trivia right there in your service hall.
Your ticket purchasers will receive the payment receipt and the digital copy of their ticket in their inboxes. You can easily manage the purchasers’ and ticket data at the backend. This helps you reach out to your event attendees after the event day with a survey to know about their experience and improve your future events accordingly. With Donorbox Events, you can easily set up a customized online event page and an embeddable event ticketing form. You can either use this Donorbox-hosted page or embed the form on your school website to sell tickets online. Add unlimited ticker tiers to your ticketing form as per your pricing strategy.
It fits wonderfully at a carnival, a craft fair, a resource fair, or even a gala if you dress it up nicely. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas ’ll want to use it at events with lots of people who are wandering past and in a mood for fun. Another way is to have people enter by making a donation to the cause. Still another way is to combine both methods, selling tickets and allowing people to make donations.